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Thematically Organized Kits for Book Clubs

Each book club kit is organized around broad themes that spark new thinking and encourage you to share your experiences and ideas. Each themed kit includes multiple books and videos, so you can plan a series of events around one theme, or embrace multiple themes, holding one club meeting for each. For more details on getting started, check out the User Guide and other resources.


Pushing the Limits of Connection

We reach out across generations and great expanses, constantly seeking new ways to cross time and space.

Connection Icon-10.png

Pushing the Limits of Survival

We all have a fundamental urge to survive, manifesting in both life-saving and everyday events in our lives.

Survival Icon-04.png

Pushing the Limits of Persistence

No matter the scale of the problem in front of us, our beliefs, traditions, and passions urge us to keep trying. And succeeding.


Themes for Book Clubs

Pushing the Limits of Nature

Be it human nature, or the nature of the world around us — these boundaries are constantly re-thought and re-defined.

Nature Icon-05.png

Pushing the Limits of Knowledge

Through our families, friends, and communities we are always compelled to learn more from what others share with us. 

Knowledge Icon-06.png

Pushing the Limits of Motion

It might be forceful or slow moving. It might be moving across a room or across time. But we are always in motion. 

Motion Icon-02.png

Pushing the Limits of Tradition

It unites us, it defines who we are, and it provides shared experiences that bind us together.

Tradition icon-01.png

Pushing the Limits of Transformation

Hammer it, shape it, tweak it — be it carpentry, machines, art, or human understanding — we never stop wanting to take things in hand and make them better. 

Transformation Icon-07.png

Pushing the Limits of Heritage

How have you benefited from those who came before you? What will you leave behind for future generations? 

Heritage Icon-03.png

Pushing the Limits of Community

Our communities create essential human connections; what we bring and what we take are all part of the ongoing equation.

Community Icon-08.png

Pushing the Limits of Change

Part resiliency, part innovation — when we are faced with a predicament, our spirit rises to the challenge, finding eye-opening solutions.

Change Icon-09.png

Pushing the Limits of Strategy

Looking long-term challenges in the face can be daunting. But working with family, friends, and community, we can come up with original solutions.

Strategy Icon-11.png

Librarians and other Event Organizers: Check out the Resources available for planning your Pushing the Limits events. 

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