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Partners & Affiliates

The Association for Rural & Small Libraries, Inc.

 ARSL is a network of persons throughout the country dedicated to the positive growth and development of libraries. ARSL believes in the value of rural and small libraries and strives to create resources and services that address national, state, and local priorities for libraries situated in rural communities. As the premier organization representing rural and small libraries, ARSL recognizes the uniqueness of small and rural libraries and is committed to providing an environment that encourages excellence within this community of practice, supporting their goals of service and speaking on behalf of this important constituency. The Association for Rural & Small Libraries provides resources and support that empower those in small and rural libraries to deliver excellent service for their communities.

Califa Group

Califa is a nonprofit library membership consortium of more than 220 libraries and is the largest library network in California. Founded in 2004, Califa brokers and facilitates the procurement of library products; works closely with the California State Library in administering a number of statewide projects supported by federal Library Services and Technology Act funds, such as the enki Library ebook platform; offers Continuing Education training through the Infopeople project; and manages master contracts and pricing agreements with publishers and vendors. With years of experience and a network of professional contacts, Califa has demonstrated capacity and experience in grant program design, delivery, and management.

Cornerstones of Science

Cornerstones works with public libraries providing programs and resources that help people understand how science and technology affects their daily lives and the world around them. Cornerstones was founded in 1999 at Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick, Maine, and soon began providing staff-led science programs throughout midcoast Maine. In 2006, Cornerstones was nationally recognized with The Highsmith Library Innovation Award, presented by The Public Library Association (a division of the American Library Association). By 2009, Cornerstones had built a 22-library partner network and it became an independent 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, providing librarians with resources and programs to stimulate public interest in science. Cornerstones currently supports a network of 31 library partners in five states.

Dawson Media

DMG is a socially responsible media production company that develops, creates and delivers multi-platform learning experiences in engaging and provocative styles. DMG focuses on creating media with a message, working with educational institutions, government agencies and other non-profits to create content driven works. Founded by two veterans of PBS primetime production, DMG projects include award-winning documentaries, messaging videos for nonprofits, and educational materials for classrooms, professional development, and informal settings.

Goodman Research Group

GRG is an educational research firm in Cambridge, MA, with additional sites in Detroit and Los Angeles. GRG specializes in all aspects of program evaluation, including feasibility studies and needs assessments, formative research, process evaluation, outcome evaluation, and summative evaluation, as well as related services such as consultation and workshops. Since 1989, GRG has formulated and carried out well over 400 evaluation studies for a prestigious group of clients around the U.S., including cultural institutions, broadcast media, formal education institutions, community-based organizations, foundations, medical institutions, and government agencies. GRG is a certified woman-owned business enterprise.

The Institute for Learning Innovation

ILI is an independent not-for-profit organization working at the intersection of research, practice, and policy. We believe that a broader definition of learning, one that is lifelong and free-choice, can offer solutions to many of the critical cultural, environmental, economic and social problems facing today’s rapidly changing world. We have conducted research, evaluation and strategic planning efforts in virtually every type of cultural institution. We collaborate with organizations, cities, countries, and regions in a variety of ways, including: facilitating institutional and organizational strategic planning, providing professional development, conducting multi-institutional or country-wide research studies and organizing symposia and convenings.

The Public Library Association

PLA is the largest association dedicated to supporting the unique and evolving needs of public library professionals. Founded in 1944, PLA serves nearly 9,000 members in public libraries large and small, in communities across the United States and Canada, with a growing presence around the world. PLA strives to help its members shape the essential institution of public libraries by serving as an indispensable ally for public library leaders.

Science-Technology Activities & Resources Library Education Network

STAR Net provides interactive STEM exhibits, programming, and training to public libraries nationwide. Core partners include the American Library Association (ALA), Lunar and Planetary Institute, and the Afterschool Alliance. Other partners include Engineers Without Borders-USA, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.-USA, the National Renewable Energy Lab, American Geophysical Union, Geological Society of America, Association of Rural and Small Libraries, and many more.

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